German Princess: “Climate Change Is a Huge Swindle”
Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis
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Climate hysterics in Europe are collectively clutching their pearls over recent comments made by the Dowager Princess of Thurn and Taxis that German climate policies will soon make the country “worse than East Germany.”

Princess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis made the comments on “Achtung, Reichelt!” a German YouTube channel.

Speaking about a demonstration that occurred in Bavaria recently over a German government plan to replace oil and gas heaters with far less reliable but more “climate friendly” heat pumps over the next year, Princess Gloria took the Berlin government to task for their pro-climate but anti-citizen reforms.

The new proposal looks to mandate that new heating systems must be maintained by 65 percent renewable energy beginning in 2024.

“Berlin is making policies against us citizens. But politicians are there for the people, not the other way around,” the princess claimed. “The transition to green energies has failed, failed, failed!”

According to Princess Gloria, the German populace is finally waking up to the fact that the climate-change scare is nothing but political theater. According to the princess, the protests against heat pumps are being fueled by the realization that “everything has gotten more expensive,” and that German citizens “have been taken for a ride.”

Formerly a 1980s party girl and a socialite, having been friends with people as diverse as Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, and Steve Bannon, Princess Gloria has become a devout Catholic and often contends for the faith. Also among the princess’ friends was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who later became Pope Benedict XVI.

Many Catholics, unhappy with Pope Francis’ more liberal leanings, have begun to look to Princess Gloria for leadership on spiritual issues.

They should begin listening to her on climate change as well.

“But climate change is a huge swindle. It’s a method of extracting money out of the people’s pockets, and they are supposed to feel good about it,” the princess said on Achtung, Reichelt! “The feeling good now ends at the end of the month when they see there’s no longer any buying power, when the restaurants close, when the airline trips can no longer be booked.”

At least those pushing the draconian changes are honest about it.

“And what’s good is that the Greens have come out and been very open about this agenda: We may no longer travel, we should eat only certain things, we may not heat. It’s going to be worse than [communist] East Germany,” Princess Gloria said.

She urged fellow citizens to make their voices heard before the new Green Party mandate becomes a reality.

“Before this is really put into place, we the people have the chance to rise up and to protest together, and foremost — very important — to go out and vote,” she said.

While the new mandate on heating systems had been agreed to in principle, a rift between the Green Party and another left-wing party, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), has caused a delay in its implementation. Perhaps some public outcry is just what is needed to put the brakes on the risky plan.