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The New American magazine, a bi-weekly magazine of The John Birch Society, evaluates the events of the nation and provides political and social commentary and a forum for the exchange of ideas. We pride ourselves in delivering honest news and the truth behind what is reported in the mainstream news. Our team of researchers helps to confirm facts and figures before being published. We strive to go above and beyond to track down the real stories currently threatening American freedoms under the Constitution.

We also cover those important topics and story angles that the mainstream media does not. For instance, we have published articles on the dissenting side of the global warming debate, created awareness of the possible creation of the North American Union and reported on the abuses of the Child Protection Services agencies. You will not see much of this in other print news magazines.

In addition to the print magazine, we also maintain a website which generates as many as a million page views each month. Visitors browse cover stories, feature articles and other news items that keep them coming back frequently.

The New American magazine has a number of advertising opportunities. We do not rent or sell our physical mailing or emailing lists, so if you are looking to reach our readers and web visitors, advertising is the best avenue. Take a look at our rates, browse the site and review our demographics. When you are ready to advertise, please Contact Us for options and file requirements.

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