Reaching Patriots to Save America!
Only an informed and free citizenry can act effectively to save our nation. This is why we must once again ask for your generous support. The New American remains dedicated to the task of informing readers (and, increasingly, viewers) of both the threats we face as a nation and of the strategies to use in effectively opposing and rolling back the program of the globalist cabal. We have proven effective in this mission time and time again, and must continue this work. To that end, we plead for you to stand beside us in this mission, help us how and when you can, and dedicate yourselves, as the founders of this Republic did so many years ago, to the preservation of liberty.

For $300+, we will send you with our thanks and gratitude our paperback book set of The Federalist (aka The Federalist Papers) by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison and How to Read the Federalist by Holmes Alexander. Both books are new editions and fresh from the printers. The Federalist also includes two key classics from Founding Fathers Washington and Jefferson: the “Farewell Address of 1796” and the “Kentucky Resolutions of 1798.”

For donations of $500 or more, we will send you both the paperback and Special Edition hardbound book sets of The Federalist and How to Read the Federalist. The latter book was chosen by JBS founder Robert Welch to be the first book published under the Western Islands imprint in 1961. This book is a must-read introduction to The Federalist because it demonstrates the continuing relevance of the Constitution for exposing and defeating the Deep State.

Anyone contributing $1,500 or more will receive with our thanks and deep gratitude both book sets (described above) and a USB thumb drive containing the complete archive of The New American magazine, 1985 to 2023. That’s access to a fully searchable set of full-page, full-color PDFs of every issue going back for nearly 40 years. This unprecedented access to the entire archive of The New American will supercharge all of your Americanist activities.

Dear Friend and Reader of The New American:

“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Thomas Paine, composing these words, was speaking of his particular place and time and may not have known then that the nation that would defeat an empire bent on tyranny would go on to become the beacon of liberty shining brightly in the darkness of an unfree world. He would also not have known that that beacon would attract the slings and arrows of tyrants, miscreants and conspirators who found its steadfast light anathema to their plans for world domination. He also did not know that as the bounds of darkness encroached on the light and threatened at last to extinguish its flame, that new generations of patriots would flock to its defense. Nor did he know that our present generation would find itself among them, or, indeed, would prove to be the generation that would need to make the final stand.

For that is where we are today. After a decade of important successes — most importantly the rejection of globalism in America under President Trump and, in England, Brexit — that struck fear into the hearts of the world controllers and their armies of chaos, the demons of the dark state have struck back. Unleashing Covid tyranny destabilized the world, killed and maimed untold numbers, dehumanized millions (billions?) and threw the economy into a tailspin which is now accelerating. Today all of us know what is coming — if the demons in the dark have their way: runaway inflation, an acute energy shortage, deadly famine, plague upon plague, genetic modification (without consent), radical depopulation and finally — for those remaining, a boot stepping on the human face forever.

How lucky we are! It stands to our generation, those of us alive in America today and awake to the scale of the threat, to oppose it and throw it back into the pit from which it is attempting to emerge. The Creator and author of our lives and liberties has put us here at this time, given us the tools and passion needed, arrayed around us likeminded patriots and girded us with the doctrines of liberty set down into our Constitution by the Founding Fathers. It is now our time to secure liberty for ourselves and our posterity. Now we too can proclaim, as did Thomas Paine:

“[H]e that stands … now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

Our Successes

Despite the scale of the threat we face, we should not overlook the successes we have achieved. These are several and are of incredible importance:

  1. We put up roadblocks to the Constitutional Convention movement — The enemies of our Republic are always looking for a means of destroying the key bulwark against tyranny: our Constitution. Lately, they think they have found a way forward. By pointing to the failures of the broader two-party political system as a whole, they claim that a fix requires holding a Constitutional Convention to modify the Constitution. This is a siren song that appeals to frustrated conservatives but that would lead to destruction. If a convention is called, the entire Constitution could be rewritten and the strongest legal framework protecting liberty ever created could be lost. Among publications, only The New American has reported on and analyzed the dangers of this movement, and we did so last year in a special issue of the magazine. This work, alongside the work of The John Birch Society, has exposed the modern con-con siren song and significantly slowed its work, saving the nation — and the world — from the destruction of the legal framework of liberty. This is significantly important work that must continue to build on this win.
  • The New American has been ahead of the game countless times warning of major events before they occur. Just one recent example: Russia invaded Ukraine on February 4, 2022. We reported on the situation leading to that war, before it happened, in our issue dated February 14, 2022 — that arrived at subscribers’ homes before Feb. 4. In that issue, which we started working on many weeks before the war started, we warned: “The long-simmering dispute between Russia and Ukraine appears ready to boil over into all-out war.” At The New American, we’ve been ahead of the curve countless times, meaning our readers are armed with crucial knowledge before world-shaking events occur.
  1. We put a halt on Covid tyranny and saved countless lives — With the “planscamdemic” it seems the globalist tyrants thought they could implement their system of final, total tyranny while harming millions of people via deliberately faulty treatment protocols, demonization of effective cures like ivermectin, and the mass inoculation of all people with a deadly mRNA shot. These demonic policies likely resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands (and perhaps millions) of innocent lives. While this does not sound like victory, the key point is that The New American and our readers led the effort to wake up people to the threat posed by the bio-tyranny agenda. The result: many tens of millions of lives were saved from injury or death. Note this in particular: Nowhere in history is there to be found a similar, worldwide, multiple government-coordinated event designed to damage and destroy life globally. This was, without question, the single, largest concentrated and internationally coordinated attack on the world’s citizens that has ever been attempted. And they failed — because we worked together to stop it.

At Stake: Our Country, Our Freedom, Our World

I remind you of these successes because a glance around quickly shows us the many dangers we face. The most obvious of these is represented by the Deep State’s continuing war on Americanism that is most directly obvious and terrifying in its treatment of President Trump. Mr. Trump has been indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan, becoming the first former President to be so treated. It appears, at present, that this indictment is suspect in the extreme and that critics are right to be alarmed that the ruling regime has descended completely into the politics of the “banana republic.”

How so? Only corrupt, tyrannical regimes indict, arrest, prosecute and imprison (or worse) leading opposition candidates. For example:

  • On May 18, 2022, France 24 offered this headline: “Another opposition leader arrested in Nicaragua.”[1]
  • On March 3, 2023, a headline at Al Jazeera read: “Cambodia opposition leader Kem Sokha sentenced to 27 years.”[2]
  • On January 17, 2021, CNBC reported: “Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny detained at Moscow airport.”[3]

There are many similar recent examples, but the point is that for many decades Americans have been able to view headlines like these examples of reports of things that “can’t happen here.”

Yet we can now say they can happen here. We could have run this headline in The New American: “American opposition leader Donald Trump Indicted in New York.”

We must remember the crucial point, however: The persecution of opposition leaders is not actually about the opposition leader himself. The persecution is instead about intimidating, frightening, and nullifying the social forces that have lined up to make the opposition leader effective.

In the United States, the importance of Donald Trump is not to be found within candidate Trump himself. The importance of Trump has been that his has become the focal point of a mass movement of Americans who want to return jobs to the US, want to protect the traditional family, who believe in the value of a moral and religious life, who seek the preservation of the Republic and who believe in the traditional American system of government based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence and actualized by the Constitution. The Deep State goal of total, absolute power can not coexist with these things, but it can’t fight them either. It tried to shut them down with the Covid scam and failed. What it feels it can do, however, is destroy the political candidate supported by the mainstream Americanist majority and in so doing, effectively prevent opposition and simultaneously cement in place the authoritarian global dictatorship they’ve desired for so many decades.

Their efforts will succeed if they convince enough Americans that resistance is futile. Within our own nation, here is what is at stake:

  • The First Amendment including both the freedom to speak freely and to worship freely. Both are under daily assault and the Deep State wants these freedoms ended.
  • The Second Amendment: The last bulwark of a free people, the right to self-defense is a logical consequence of the right to life itself. The Deep State is rabidly anti-human and anti-life and, unsurprisingly, rabidly aggressive in its pursuit of the destruction of the Second Amendment.
  • The rest of the Bill of Rights: the rights to privacy, due process, and all of the galaxy of rights not enumerated that are retained by the people — all of these are under threat.

Globally, there is no other nation blessed with anything like our Constitution that is expressly designed to inhibit the ambitions of would-be dictators. This is why, for generations, people oppressed by tyrants from around the world have risked life and limb to get to our shores. For now, the United States remains the last bastion of freedom.

But it hangs by a thread while the globalist totalitarians wildly hack away at it. If they succeed and the strands of that thread separate, nothing remains to stop the globalists from achieving their decades-long goal to fasten the shackles of tyranny on the world as a whole.

To save everyone, we must first save ourselves.

Freedom is the Cure

Only an informed and free citizenry can act effectively to save our nation. This is why we must once again ask for your generous support. The New American remains dedicated to the task of informing readers (and, increasingly, viewers) of both the threats we face as a nation and of the strategies to use in effectively opposing and rolling back the program of the globalist cabal. We have proven effective in this mission time and time again, and must continue this work. To that end, we plead for you to stand beside us in this mission, help us how and when you can, and dedicate yourselves, as the founders of this Republic did so many years ago, to the preservation of liberty.

To help us help you in this effort of celestial importance, we need to continue forward with several important initiatives.

  1. We must expand the print edition of The New American. Our success in doing this over the last two years has been illustrated in the launch of new “bookazine” collector editions of The New American that have been essential to reach new readers on newsstands. Our most recent bookazine is focused on uncovering the truth about “the Great Reset.” This special collector’s edition boldly uncovers the World Economic Forum’s role in the conspiracy for global control and is essential reading. In addition to these special collectors’ editions, we need to increase the page count in each issue, increase marketing to reach new audiences and bring in new advertisers. To do this, we are working with various marketing and radio advertising vendors to help spearhead a campaign to dramatically expand readership and work is underway toward that goal.
  2. We must reach an international audience. In addition to producing The New American in Spanish, we must continue to expand our reach internationally. Over recent months we have begun to work with a highly trained foreign correspondent who spends time based in both Singapore and Europe, we have initiated coverage of events in France from an American writer who has been based near Paris for many years, and our Washington, D.C. Senior Editor, Veronika Kyrylenko, has been working with the UK-based World Council for Health and will be presenting at an upcoming conference hosted by them in Bath, UK. In late 2022 we also carried live coverage from the UN climate change conference in Egypt with a 4-person team that included Senior Editor Alex Newman.
  3. We need to continue to pursue our growth in streaming video. In 2022, our video views have doubled quarter over quarter, and without much marketing. It is essential that we continue this growth. Streaming video is now the leading way Americans consume video content, surpassing cable television in 2022. In addition, streaming video reaches a broader audience demographically and skews lower in age, and this represents a key target market that conservatives, in general, must reach in order to counter the otherwise rampant and complete indoctrination younger Americans receive from mainstream media and education.

These three goals are all expansion-based. Simply put, to win, we must grow.

This is where we need your help. Growth requires:

  • Additional equipment, including computer workstations, software, and studio equipment.
  • Facilities, including additional employee work areas and additional studio space.
  • Employee training and continuing education so current employees can continue to build critical skills.
  • New employees who bring additional skills and abilities to contribute to existing production and who can open new areas of opportunity.

If you think this sounds daunting from a budgetary point of view, you’re right.

Last year, with your help, The New American was able to expand and add new shows and content, to grow the print and digital editions of the magazine and expand on-location reporting around the world.

If you value these efforts, now is the time to help once again. The forces of the Deep State have doubled down on their assaults against human dignity and freedom, following the world-wide pandemic police state with economic hardship, assaults on farms and food, and outright warfare that puts the safety of the American people at direct risk.

While the Deep State’s agents of chaos and destruction want to make it seem that resistance to their plans is impossible, our successes prove just the opposite. Resistance is not only possible, but necessary. We fail only if we do not try.

What I said in my letter last year remains true this year. I wrote: “The crisis of our present age is of world-historical proportions. It is of greater significance than any of the wars of the 20th century. I will underscore this with emphasis: We are facing the final battle for the future. Whether freedom survives, even whether we live or die, now hangs in the balance.”

The final battle rages on and it will not be over quickly. But victory can be won, and freedom can be preserved — but it will take all of us working together to make it happen. Ultimately, you will have to know more — and then you will have to do more with that knowledge.

To know more, you need The New American, now more than ever. For that to happen, we need you to help us. Your most generous gift can help keep the presses running, keep the reporters writing and help expand all of our efforts to reach a broader audience. If you can spare even a single dollar, that will help. Many of you may be able to spare much more, even hundreds or thousands. Some may be able to help with millions. Your generous gift may be the most important philanthropic effort you — or anyone — could make, as it will make a direct and lasting impact on the all-important effort to save freedom for ourselves, our children and for generations yet to come.

To thank you for your contribution, please allow us to offer a gift. For those contributing at least $300, we will send you our paperback, two-book set of How to Read the Federalist by Holmes Alexander and The Federalist. This is an outstanding addition to any liberty-lover’s library and makes for a great gift to pass along to others.

For a contribution of $500 or more, we’ll send you the paperback book set, plus the hardcover collector’s editions. Did you know that How to Read the Federalist by Holmes Alexander was the first book published by Western Islands in 1961 – along with The Federalist? If Founder Robert Welch thought so highly of this book, then you can be assured that it is a book that should grace every American bookshelf. Not only is the book a must-read introduction to The Federalist but it also demonstrates the continuing relevance of the principles that guided the Founders in creating the Constitution to the modern challenges of the Deep State that we continue to face today.

Both books are beautifully bound making this classic two-volume set a proud addition to any true Americanist patriot’s collection.

Of course, we offer this two-volume collectors set because getting back to basics is essential if we are to restore our Republic, and how best to get back to the basics of sound government without the original “owner’s manual” for our system of government? Both books are essential reading for all committed Americans if we are to succeed.

Anyone contributing $1,500 or more will receive with our thanks and deep gratitude both book sets and a USB thumb drive with the complete archive of The New American magazine. Fully indexed and searchable, the archive consists of full-page PDFs of every issue of the only magazine in the world dedicated to the preservation of the U.S. Constitution and our heritage of liberty. The archive is a gold mine of otherwise hard-to-find information, and it is only available for a limited time.

We don’t know your gifting situation, so rest assured that any amount, great or small will help us succeed. Time is running short, but with your help, we can succeed. Never forget that there is hope!

The Deep State serves up a future of war, violence, pestilence, tyranny, and dehumanizing despair. We can stop it, and roll it back, replacing it with a future of peace, prosperity, and freedom. All we have to do is work together.

Please join us in this celestially important effort and support us with your most generous gift.

With sincerest thanks,

Dennis Behreandt, Publisher