The FDA recently green-lighted lab-grown chicken “meat.” Producers claim their products offer environmentally friendly and cruelty-free meat options, but the opposite seems to be true about this product, which is backed by the globalists at the World Economic Forum and others. More importantly — is it even safe? 

In other stories, thanks to an IRS whistleblower, another incriminating WhatsApp text message from Hunter Biden has been released. It implicates, once again, President Joe Biden in influence-peddling schemes involving Communist China. Also, a college biology professor was fired for teaching basic human biology; Brazil’s Deep State is following America’s lead and waging lawfare against former Brazilian president and Donald Trump ally Jair Bolsonaro; and France’s plan to release flying “taxis” just in time for this summer’s Paris Olympics may involve sinister motives on the part of people involved in the project.   

In the second half of the show, Dr. Duke Pesta of FreedomProject Academy makes the case that companies are feeling the pain for their LGBTQ activism, and TNA’s editor-in-chief Gary Benoit interviews John Birch Society researcher Peter Rykowski about the need to get the American Sovereignty Restoration Act reintroduced in Congress.