Ron Paul, Alternate Candidates Hold National Press Conference
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That platform focused on foreign policy, privacy issues, the national debt, and role of the federal reserve. On foreign policy, the group called for an end to the Iraq War, bringing home our soldiers from around the world, and putting an end to any plans to attack Iran. On matters of privacy, the group called for either radical change or outright repeal of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The group also called for the rejection of torture, secret tribunals, and secret prisons.


On economic matters, always a major item of interest for Congressman Paul, the group called a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve and for a stop to taxpayer bailouts, increases of the national debt, corporate subsidies and the creation of money and credit out of thin air.

In his opening statement, Ron Paul pointed out that the two-party system offers no real choice because the two major parties and their candidates have no real disagreements on foreign policy, monetary policy, privacy issues, or the welfare state. Rather than voting for the lesser of two evils, he urged voters to send a message by voting for one of the alternative candidates.

Each candidate made a statement and answered questions. The purpose of the press conference was perhaps best expressed by McKinney, who described it as a declaration of independence from the present political order, because conformity and control is what the present order is about.

Baldwin described the political struggle as one between globalists and constitutionalists, stated that McCain and Obama were globalists, and warned against voting for “the evil of two lessers.”

Nader claimed that the group was calling for what the majority of the American people want, namely, third-party participation in televised debates and more such candidates on the ballot. He warned, “The flag can take care of itself; we have to take care of the Constitution.”

In a moment of delicious irony during the question and answer session, a journalist from Russia Today expressed her eagerness to get their story out, given that the two-party lackeys in the American media seemed more interested in ignoring the alternative candidates.