“Hottest Day Ever Recorded?” Latest Climate Hysteria Talking Point Analyzed
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In the past few days you’ve probably heard that Monday and Tuesday of this week experienced the “hottest global temperatures ever recorded.” It’s big news because the climate cult insists that Earth is quickly heating up due to mankind’s burning of fossil fuels, so any “hottest ever” claim is treated as proof that anthropogenic global warming is having a real effect now — not decades down the road.

The astounding claim comes from the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer, which bills itself as a “platform for visualizing a wide array of climate and weather datasets and models.” In reality, it’s another flawed climate model that cherry-picks data to produce a desired result. Despite all the “hottest day ever” propaganda, news reports continue to say that the claims of record heat are “unofficial.”

Also, as the Climate Reanalyzer’s dataset only goes back to 1979, shrieking proclamations of “hottest day ever” should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

According to the Climate Reanalyzer, Monday, July 3 was the warmest global average temperature ever recorded at 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.618° F), but this was beaten one day later, as July 4 reportedly topped out at 17.18 degrees Celsius (62.924° F).

Climate alarmists jumped on the occasion to say, “I told you so.”

“A record like this is another piece of evidence for the now massively supported proposition that global warming is pushing us into a hotter future,” said Stanford University climate scientist Chris Field.

According to Jennifer Francis of the Woodwell Climate Research Center, this week’s daily global temperatures were likely the hottest in “at least 100,000 years.” Or at least since 1979, because that’s as far back as the Climate Renalyzer’s data goes.

Some scientists claim we can expect the record to be broken several more times this year.

“It’s not a record to celebrate and it won’t be a record for long, with northern hemisphere summer still mostly ahead and El Niño developing,” said Friederike Otto of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change.

Robert Rohde of Berkley Earth cautioned that we “may well see a few even warmer days over the next 6 weeks.”

Climate realist Steve Milloy was quick to pull back the curtain on the out-of-control hysteria surrounding the “hottest day ever” announcement.

“No, the Earth’s hottest days were not July 3-5, 2023. That is based on bogus computer modeling,” Milloy tweeted. “Actual global surface temperature measurements indicate today’s temp (57.47°F) is slightly cooler than that on April 24 (57.53°F). Cooler ≠ ‘Hottest ever.'”

Milloy also wondered if climate alarmists had trouble differentiating reality from the virtual reality of climate modeling.

“Tuesday’s actual temperature based on measurements was about 57.5°,” Milloy tweeted. “But in the virtual reality climate model game it was 62.6°F. It’s hard to know whether climate guys are the biggest liars or just can no longer distinguish actual reality from climate VR.”

Other climate realists agreed with Milloy.

“Computer models have proven repeatedly to run too hot,” Dr. H. Sterling Burnett of the Heartland Institute told The New American. “They don’t accurately reflect recent decades past temperatures unless forced or tuned to, nor do they even accurately portray present temperatures unless adjusted to do so.”

“No one can seriously believe a computer model can accurately represent the temperature on a particular date or group of dates for the past 20, 100, or 5,000 years, much less since the last interglacial. It is a fairy tale produced by a ‘reanalyzer’ created to support the narrative of a climate crisis,” Burnett added.

Amazingly, the new “hottest day ever” claims fall closely in line with climate cult’s current summer of extremes theme. From the Canadian wildfires to record warmth in the United Kingdom, whatever weather we experience seems to be more “proof” of a climate crisis. Now, the Copernicus Climate Change Service has declared the month of June just passed as the “world’s hottest on record.”

“Every month seems to be the hottest, the driest, the wettest, or whichever record-breaking event it is. If we have a one-off pollution event or a wildfire, then there is normally time for nature to bounce back, but now it seems to be continually pounded by extreme weather,” said Ali Morse of the Wildlife Trusts.

More correctly, we are constantly being told that our current weather is “the hottest, the driest, the wettest, or whichever record-breaking event.” Whether those claims are actually true depends on data sets so incomplete that they’re laughable.

Since climate is only discernible over decades and not one summer, we will have to wait decades to see if it’s actually changed, much less changed for the worse. But that truth doesn’t suit the climate cult, which is all about manufactured headlines rather than reality and fear mongering over actual scientific inquiry.