Another Sex-change Victim Comes Forward With Regrets
"Milo" in 2016
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According to the Daily Mail, a former poster child for transgenderism has publicly declared that hormonal treatments and surgical intervention intended to “reaffirm” her gender were a mistake. On Wednesday, a young woman known as “Milo,” who was featured in the 2016 MTV documentary Transformation detailing her transition from female to male, made known that she now believes her transition was “a big mistake.”

Milo was just 16 when she agreed to have her body mutilated in an attempt to appear male. She reportedly recently posted a YouTube video detailing the horrors she must now deal with as a person whose true identity was taken from her by overzealous physicians more interested in ideology and dollar signs than a child’s mental health.

“It turned out to be a big mistake. I keep thinking about how, if I ever want to be perceived by society as a woman, I now have to do vocal training, and I need laser to get rid of my facial hair. But I’m just so tired,” Milo reportedly in the now-deleted video.

Back in 2016, Milo appeared on MTV as one of six young transgendered people from Los Angeles. In return for allowing MTV to exploit them in service to the transgender agenda, MTV treated them to a new wardrobe and style makeover.

At the time, Milo seemed happy that she was becoming a man. “I cannot imagine living my life as female,” she said then. She described the “amazing feeling of relief that I get from thinking that I never have to do anything feminine again for the rest of my life.”

That “amazing feeling of relief” appears to have subsided and left Milo a young person even more confused and frustrated than she was before.

In the months after appearing on the MTV documentary, Milo received “top” surgery, aka radical mastectomies of her two healthy breasts. After hormone therapy, her vagina began to atrophy, causing her pain and discomfort. So she underwent a hysterectomy.

“I kind of just didn’t care about my reproductive organs,” Milo shared. “In my head, I thought: ‘I don’t need these organs because I’m a man.'”

Unfortunately, Milo’s already fragile ego seems to have taken a hit post-sex-change.

“I’m a lot fatter and uglier than I used to be,” she complained.

In the MTV documentary, Milo’s mother shared how parents are sometimes frightened into allowing such surgeries for their children by therapists who claim that, without intervention, transgendered children are likely to commit suicide.

“At times he (Milo) feels like he could hurt himself, you know just because of the way he feels inside,” her mother said. “I’ve heard a lot of horror stories of, you know, the percentage of trans kids that commit suicide.”

In an interview with journalist Jack Posobiec, activist and fellow detransitioner Chloe Cole described the fear game that therapists play with the parents of transgender children.

“They told my parents that if I wasn’t allowed to transition then it was very likely that I would kill myself,” Cole said.

Given such a grim prognosis, it’s easy to see why some parents are, more or less, bullied into allowing these risky procedures.

Milo desperately hopes that her situation won’t be “politicized.” Of course, the very nature of her predicament almost guarantees it will be.

“I believe that trans people obviously do exist. And there are hundreds, thousands, or millions of trans people who did transition and felt like it was the solution, and now they’re much happier,” Milo said. “For me, it wasn’t the solution.”

Milo’s YouTube post has been deleted, reportedly due to transgender zealots harassing her for sharing her story.

Unfortunately, stories such as Milo’s are by and large discounted as anomalies by a media who fears outrage by the LGBT mafia. But those stories of transgender regret are nowhere near as rare as they’re being portrayed.

Consider the case of Charlie Evans from Newcastle in England. Evans was born female, identified as a male for a decade, and then detransitioned. In her small corner of the world, Evans encountered hundreds of stories similar to her own.

“I’m in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn’t, and their dysphoria hasn’t been relieved, they don’t feel better for it,” Evans told Sky News. “They don’t know what their options are now.”

And if the transgender cult has their way, those options will never be publicized because they’re injurious to the paradigm claiming that so-called transgenderism is easily treated with hormones and scalpels — and if you disagree you’re nothing but a bigot.

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