Activists Pressure AMC Into Pulling Film Exposing Dangers of Sex Transition
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The Left is celebrating after having apparently shut down the diffusion of a film that counters the LGBT agenda.

The documentary No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care was supposed to hit theaters on July 21. But AMC, the largest chain of cinemas in the United States, has reportedly pulled the plug in reaction to a campaign against the film organized by The Queer Trans Project, which has called the documentary “hateful.”

The film follows the stories of five “detransitioners,” individuals who underwent sex change therapy but then repented and went back to identifying as their biological sex.

According to Fox News, the film has not been made available for viewing yet, and its detractors have not seen it, despite their opposition.

“It is quite evident that those undertaking this crusade against this film have not had the courtesy of seeing it before taking such extreme actions to silence it. We stand by our filmmakers,” read a statement from the documentary’s distributor, Deplorable Films. 

A source familiar with AMC’s dealings told Fox News that the theater chain made its decision based on poor ticket sales, with only 139 tickets being sold nationally ahead of the film’s release.

Nevertheless, The Queer Trans Project claimed victory following its online campaign in which it urged protesters to mail letters to AMC calling for No Way Back to be pulled.

The leftist activist group posted on Instagram:

We did it! Our community’s swift action is a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of raising our voices against harmful content. Your collective efforts have made a significant impact, and the decision to pull No Way Back from AMC theaters is a step towards fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to creating positive change.

Speaking on the program Fox & Friends, Laura Becker, a detransitioner who appears in the documentary, took aim at the pro-LGBT activists for their role in interfering with the film’s release.

“I think it’s incredibly dangerous to set this precedent of suppressing free speech, suppressing viewpoints that basically are just unpopular or difficult to deal with,” Becker said.

The young woman said she began the process of trying to become male as a teenager, taking testosterone and having her breasts removed. At age 22, she was diagnosed with PTSD and decided to detransition. She now believes mental health should be stressed among youth with gender dysphoria, rather than pushing minors into medical treatment.

“I think that there is a large scale eradication of boundaries and common sense, especially when it comes to children’s developmental health,” she said, adding that kids “are being fast-tracked on a conveyor belt-like system to getting surgery and hormones which create permanent damages instead of addressing their actual mental health concerns.”

Becker also spoke to the importance of allowing diverging voices to be heard on this subject, rather than shutting them down as the Left has done:

There are many moderates, liberals and independents, such as myself and the filmmakers who are just trying to increase awareness about mental health issues and medical ethics. It’s not political, it is pro-gay. It is pro, you know, neurodivergent acceptance, all sorts of so-called liberal or progressive values. But in this case, the boundaries are being crossed to harm people, and the liberals are afraid to speak up about it.

As The New American reported, according to a newly published poll, a rising number of Americans are rejecting the concept of gender fluidity, with an increased number of respondents to the survey saying they believe a person’s gender should be the same as the sex listed on his or her birth certificate.

The poll was run by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist. The results, as released on Wednesday, found that 61 percent of Americans hold the view that “defining gender as the sex listed on a person’s original birth certificate is the only way to define male and female in society.” This number is up 10 percent from May 2022. 

Is it surprising that the public is growing fatigued with transgenderism? The damage this psychosis has on society is becoming ever more obvious.

This week, police arrested Stacie-Marie Laughton, a man pretending to be a woman who has served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, on four felony counts of distributing child pornography.

As the Patch in Nashua, New Hampshire, reported: “Laughton was initially charged with one count but then three more distribution charges were added later. [He] was held on preventative detention and was scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough County Superior Court-South on Friday.”

Then there is the case of the Nashville church shooting back in March, perpetrated by a militant transgender against students and teachers at a Christian school. Months later, officials and the mainstream media have still not found a “motive” behind the horrendous killings.

The public clearly recognizes now that transgenders are mentally ill and potentially pose risks to themselves and society at large. The American people have seen enough, and are all out of tolerance.

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