Landowners throughout some of the nation’s most crucial farmland face a land grab scheme disguised in “Save the Earth” garb. Farmers in South Dakota – one of several states under attack –  are forced to defend themselves in lawsuits levied against them by for-profit companies attempting to invoke eminent domain.

These companies want to lay thousands of miles of carbon capture pipeline and funnel the hazardous, liquified carbon dioxide, gathered from ethanol plant emissions, to oil and gas fields in North Dakota. There, they plan to inject it into depleted wells to extract more of the hydrocarbon fuels to enrich other for-profit companies.

Exorbitant federal subsidies and tax breaks, made possible by the Biden Administration’s “net-zero” fantasies, are spurring these carbon pipeline companies to destroy American farmland.

Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center and National Council member of The John Birch Society, has spent more than three decades advocating for individual liberty and private property rights and exposing oppressive government policies couched in the green agenda of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030  (originally Agenda 21).

DeWeese just completed a “barnstorming” tour of several Corn Belt states, rallying farmers and giving them the information and tools they need to win their fight defending their own property against government-backed encroachers. DeWeese sits down with TNA Senior Editor Rebecca Terrell to talk about successes and challenges in the battle, and how we can win it.

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