He has dedicated his life to protecting innocent life in the womb. Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue and DragonSlayer Studio, is also an accomplished author who has chronicled his wisdom and experience in books such as:

  • Why Does a Nice Guy Like Me Keep Getting Thrown in Jail? A memoir from Operation Rescue days, this entertaining memoir is subtitled: “How theological escapism and cultural retreatism in the Church have lead to America’s demise.”
  • A Humble Plea to Bishops, Clergy and Laymen. This work, written to commemorate the apostolic journey of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States, is a plea to Church hierarchy to end the abortion holocaust.
  • Operation Rescue. This documentary contains forewords by Jerry Falwall, Pat Robertson and Dr. D. James Kennedy. Its theme is encapsulated in the eleventh verse from Proverbs, Chapter 24: “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death: don’t stand back and let them die.”

These and other works by Randall Terry are available free of charge on his websiteThe New American’s senior editor Rebecca Terrell visited Terry in his studio to discuss these important works and some fun, upcoming projects he has planned.