Yesterday in Brown County, South Dakota, surveyors working for a carbon-capture pipeline company showed up on private property unannounced. They began digging up a field of soybeans and destroying any crops in their way. A sheriff’s deputy accompanied the intruders — but instead of protecting the landowner, the deputy was there to ensure the fourth-generation farmer didn’t interfere with the surveyors.  

Also, the recent slap-on-the-wrist charges against Hunter Biden are reminiscent of another saga in American history — when America was told to focus on the sexual dalliances of a high-ranking official while the real crime remained verboten.  

In the second half of the show, John Birch Society research project manager Christian Gomez interviews lawyer Joe Wolverton about how promoters of a modern-day constitutional convention are distorting history to win support for their Con-Con agenda, and JBS national events coordinator Lisa von Geldern interviews Tom Munds, the JBS field coordinator for Idaho, about what’s happening in that state in the fight to preserve and restore our liberties.