Palin Popular in “Last Frontier” & Beyond
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These are all qualities that would serve America very well at the nation’s topmost political office, and are already providing Alaskans with better government than can be found in much of the other 49 states. And she also became a juicy target for the sharks in the establishment-controlled media who don’t care for what Alaskans – and many other Americans – like about her.


Few failed to notice the energy and enthusiasm Palin brought to the foundering McCain campaign. However, once the McCain handlers got hold of the now-celebrated Hockey Mom, however, some of what makes her so popular in Alaska got toned down. As the swarm of GOP "professionals" surrounded her and coached her at virtually every step and every utterance to be a good neoconservative like her running mate, she became less of what Scaliger saw in her.

We have no doubt that the nation will remember Sarah Palin. Now that she’s free of those Republican professionals, we look forward to hearing more of her kind of good sense and solid Americanism, the stuff that has indeed made her so popular in her own state and could propel her to even higher office.

Photo: AP Images