Biden Boasts of Being the Most Successful Gun-grabbing President in History
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Joe Biden is at it again. Days ago during an address delivered at the University of Hartford at Hartford, Connecticut, the president made his oft-repeated call for confiscation of firearms from civilians.

After rehearsing the revisionist account of “the shootings that make the headlines, but every single day — every damn day in America, in the — in areas that are poor, mostly minority, there’s a mass shooting,” Biden made a comparison that elicited laughter from the audience:

You know, we have post-traumatic stress, they call it, for soldiers. What’s the difference between the post-traumatic stress that a soldier meets in the hills of Afghanistan and a four- — a fourth-grade kid meets in a classroom when they have to duck and cover?

There’s no commentary on that statement that wouldn’t belittle the mental anguish that afflicts so many American service members after returning home from a battlefield, but it may be worth considering if a man constitutionally tasked with being the commander-in-chief of the military in a time of war is competent to fulfill that duty in light of his diminishing of the psychological ravages of armed combat.

Carrying on in that vein, Biden quoted unnamed “people at events” whom he claims tell him “I’m worried. There’s been another shooting not far from where I live. I’m scared to send my kid to school.”

While the president offered those parents the comfort of the promise of confiscation of weapons, there is something more permanent that can be done that doesn’t require violating the Constitution or punishing millions of innocent gun owners for the crimes committed by a handful of mentally disturbed murderers.

Take your children out of public school. That’s it. With so many conservatives rightly denouncing the debauchery and anti-American curriculum being called “education” today, why do those same parents morning after morning drop their children off at a school where they worry there’s even a remote chance that when the kids head into the school “that’s the last time [they’re] ever going to see them?”

It seems at once dangerous and frankly neglectful for parents to send children to a place where the most deadly of dangers is an ever-present possibility. Sure, there are the six percent of school shootings that do not occur at public schools, but what about the 94 percent that do? Why take that chance unnecessarily?

In our era, the access to technological resources is so vast that any well-intentioned parent could teach their children the 3Rs and beyond, all from the dining room table. Not only would such an undertaking obviate any chance that their children would be killed in a school shooting, but it would prevent their children from being subject to lessons on performing oral sex or critical race theory. Win-win. 

Moving on from using murdered children as a political prop, Biden began patting himself on the back for breaking his oath of office by infringing on the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

First, up he boasted of having signed into law the “Bipartisan Safers [sic] Community Act.” 

Next, he applauded himself for securing “$230 million for states to expand the use of tools like the red flag laws.”

He proceeded to quickly list lots of legislation aimed at imposing a litany of restrictions on the access to firearms, including outlawing the purchase of a weapon by one person who can pass a background check for use by another who might not be able to pass it, and tighter restrictions on qualifying as a federal firearms dealer.

Believe it or not, Biden is satisfied with congressional efforts to clamp down on gun ownership, so he goes on to explain how he as the executive is going to take action “on [his] own” to accelerate the abolishing of private firearm ownership.

The first unconstitutional act mentioned by Biden is “executive action that made it illegal to manufacture so-called ‘ghost guns.’”

A “ghost gun” is a term commonly used to refer to a firearm that is typically homemade or privately assembled and does not have a serial number or any other form of identifying markings. These firearms are typically manufactured by individuals using commercially available parts or kits, often purchased online.

After informing the audience that the “ghost gun” executive order has been challenged in court, Biden claims that it is still the law and that “to allow anyone to assemble a gun at home, bought from several different places in as little as 30 minutes. Come on.”

I bet it took him much fewer than 30 minutes to violate the Constitution by signing that order. This brings to mind a question. Which has done more to harm the life, liberty, and property of the American people: ghost guns or despotic disregard for the Constitution?

Near the end of his speech, Biden gloats that he’s probably the biggest gun grabber that’s ever sat in the White House.

“All told, we’ve taken more executive action to reduce gun violence than any of my predecessors — probably than all my predecessors,” Biden bragged.

That’s nothing to brag about. 

But if he’s looking for something to to brag about, perhaps he could brag that he’s on track to keep his campaign promises to use “executive authority” to rid the country of “weapons of war.”

Biden will stop at nothing to see all “weapons of war” and “assault weapons” removed from the hands (and homes) of civilians and placed in the exclusive control of the federal government.

If states permit the federal government to rob the people of their ability to resist tyranny, then all other liberties will be at the mercy of that same federal force, for a disarmed populace is an enslaved populace.