Quarantined News: 4 Kids Rescued From “Trans” Party; Drugs, Sex Toys, and a Dead Body Found
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You might think it would be a major story when six men, some in drag, are busted having a “party” in which are found drugs, sex toys, and a dead body — and four children being hidden in a back room. But it’s much as with the 1999 murder of 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising by two homosexuals “who confessed to using the boy as a sex toy while torturing him to death,” as WND put it, a crime occurring just a year after the “high profile” killing of homosexual Matthew Shepard. While Shepard got a federal “hate crime” act named after him, the Dirkhising story got buried even before the poor lad was. The reason for the double standard is simple, too:

Give these incidents enough press and people just might, for example, get the crazy idea that mentally disturbed people (e.g., men insisting they’re women) shouldn’t have custody of children.

American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson reports on the current story, writing, “Apparently as a counterpart to the ongoing lavish media attention paid to ‘Pride Month,’ a media black hole has opened up and swallowed a horrifying story of four children … rescued from a transsexual sex party in a Boston housing project that turned deadly. Nary a word about it from monarchs of mainstream media, including the hometown Boston Globe. But the always lively Boston Herald either didn’t get the memo or didn’t care.” And as the paper wrote:

Four children living in squalid conditions while being hidden from first responders were found in an apartment filled with “alcohol, drugs, sex toys” and a dead man, according to an incident report and outraged officials.

… That fire department report, obtained by the Herald and confirmed by police response, states that a BFD [Boston Fire Department] crew was sent to Old Colony Avenue Saturday morning for a call that a man had gone into cardiac arrest and required medical attention.

… However, according to the incident report, firefighters found more than just a routine medical emergency.

“The apartment was in extremely unsanitary conditions. Approximately 6 adults, who appeared to be males, were seen in the apartment,” they wrote, saying they subsequently found “four children in the back bedroom being hidden by an adult male from first responders.”

According to the incident report the children ranged from ages 5 to 10.

“All of the adult parties were being uncooperative and did not provide helpful information. All adults present denied having children inside the apartment,” they wrote.

… Multiple sources tell the Herald some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene.

Mind you, the man hiding the kids was wearing a wig and claimed to be their father.

Also noting the media blackout was journalist Aidan Kearney, who tweeted:

Hot Air then added perspective:

The picture is pretty clear: a pedophilic sex ring having a drug-fueled party and things go horribly wrong — as if everything in that sentence isn’t horribly wrong.

… Of course, what happened in that apartment in Boston wasn’t exactly Drag Queen Story Hour, but it wasn’t exactly as far away from it as the proponents of this sick practice would like you to think. We have already moved from men dressed up as female clowns fully clothed in libraries to men prancing around in skimpy lingerie twerking in front of children, and the entire Leftward side of the country is applauding.

Parents take their children to these shows, and governments and corporations sponsor them.

Already we have seen photos and videos of drag queens exposing their genitals to children, and bare buttocks are de rigueur these days. School librarians are already handing out books that instruct middle-school students how to get a Grindr account and use it to meet up with “tricks.”

(Hat tip for the above: Lifson.)

Of course, many will say this is a stretch, that these cases are anecdotal and don’t reflect wider reality. After all, don’t we “know” the real issue is that MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) individuals and sexual devolutionaries are in general imperiled by a bigoted, “heteronormative” society?

Well, here’s some more quarantined news:

It’s well known that MUSS individuals have a very high suicide rate, especially after undergoing so-called sex reassignment surgery. But barely known, and contrary to modern myth, is that they’re also more likely to commit murder than to be murdered, according a 2020 report. In fact, the report found that MUSS individuals are actually less likely to be homicide victims than normal people are.

What’s more, they’re much more likely to be sex offenders.

Is this surprising? The American Psychiatric Association (APA) used to classify MUSS individuals as having “Gender Identity Disorder” (it should be Sexual Identity Disorder) before redefining it as “Gender Dysphoria” and claiming that “gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder”; it’s only an issue if you feel bad about it. Feelings are a god now, don’tcha know?

For that matter, the APA once classified homosexuality as a mental disorder, but changed this in 1973 as the associated behavior evolved into a “lifestyle choice.”

But however you frame it, psychologically or as the “sin connection” — i.e., indulging one sin tends to lead to the embrace of others — the reality is that MUSS individuals, in particular, commit an inordinate number of various crimes.

This can be easily remedied, however: Simply reclassify certain crimes as lifestyle choices and certain people defined by lifestyle choices won’t be so “criminal.”