Organized Groomers Demand That Social Media Censor Opponents
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Backed by 254 nuts and fruits in show business, a branch of Organized Grooming, Inc., has demanded that the four major social media platforms censor opponents of gender mutilation and tranny propaganda.

The order from GLAAD, which calls the chemical castration and sexual mutilation of children “gender affirming health care,” came down yesterday. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, the pro-groomer group declared, must stop “extremist hate” and “hate-driven tropes” against the trannies and homosexuals trying to groom children.

Standing behind the pro-mutilation group are the 254 “LGBTQ celebrities and allies,” few of whom are known to anyone outside their parents or fellow crackpots in Hollywood.

Message from the groomers: No one may oppose the pedo-mutilation propaganda or the most vile homosexual pornography now available in some schools. Those who do will be blacklisted. 

The Letter

The hysterical letter accuses the four platforms of a “massive systemic failure to prohibit hate, harassment, and malicious anti-LGBTQ disinformation on your platforms” that “must be addressed.”

Man-Ladies and Lady-Men everywhere are frightened, perhaps terrified even to get out of bed, the letter suggests.

“Dangerous posts (both content and ads) created and circulated by high-follower anti-LGBTQ hate accounts targeting transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people are thriving across your platforms, directly resulting in terrifying real-life harm including bomb threats targeting children’s hospitals that offer healthcare for trans youth, and death threats targeting care providers,” the letter avers, with footnotes to similarly hysterical media reports.

Legislators are using the “hate-driven widely circulated content” to pass “discriminatory legislation against trans people.”

Another major threat to the well-being of “trans people” — leftist code for either the mentally ill or those sexually aroused by dressing in attire of the opposite sex — is “misgendering” and “deadnaming” trannies and the “nonbinary.”

“Misgendering” is tranny lingo for calling an individual the correct sex after he or she has decided to be the opposite sex. “Deadnaming” is calling an individual by the name he or she received at birth.

And so GLAAD wants the four Big Tech controllers to ban the following:

  • “Content that spreads malicious lies and disinformation about medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth”;
  • “Accounts and postings that perpetuate anti-LGBTQ extremist hate and disinformation”;
  • “Dehumanizing, hateful attacks on prominent transgender public figures and influencers”; and
  • “Anti-transgender hate speech, including targeted misgendering, deadnaming, and hate-driven tropes.”

“We know that leading national organizations, including GLAAD, HRC, Media Matters for America, PFLAG, The Trevor Project, ADL, and others, share research and guidance with your companies and escalate violative content,” the hysterics continued:

And yet your mitigations remain woefully inadequate. The very content you profit from is in violation of your own terms of service, which assert that you do not allow hate speech.

True allies do not profit from anti-LGBTQ hate.

Get Matt Walsh, Libs of TikTok

A key target in the campaign to silence those who tell the truth is Matt Walsh, who presented the documentary What Is a Woman? last year.

Walsh is on a one-man crusade to stop tranny propaganda, chemical castration, and the surgical mutilation of children.

The letter provided footnotes linked to two attacks on Walsh.

“LGBTQ Pride Month is an appropriate time to reflect on the topic of targeted misgendering and deadnaming online — especially in light of the dramatic departure last week of Twitter’s head of trust & safety, after Elon Musk overruled his staff’s decision to limit the reach of a notorious anti-trans video by far-right extremist and Daily Wire pundit Matt Walsh (the video was specifically flagged for targeted misgendering),” the Tech Policy Press website claimed.

“Facebook is making millions off Matt Walsh’s transphobic documentary,” a headline at the Xtra website screamed:

Facebook and its parent company, Meta, are likely earning millions of dollars in advertising revenue from right-wing political commentator Matt Walsh’s recently released transphobic documentary, according to new research from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). What’s more, an overwhelming majority of Walsh’s ads directly violate the company’s content guidelines.

According to HRC researchers, Meta netted between $4 and $5 million dollars in ad revenue from advertisements placed on Walsh’s Facebook page for his 2022 documentary, What Is a Woman?, which seeks to discredit the movement for trans equality. Walsh, who has referred to gender-affirming surgery as “mutilation,” made headlines in February for attempting to trick trans advocates into participating in the film under false pretenses.

The letter also links to a report from HRC, another major subsidiary of Organized Grooming, Inc., that attacked Chaya Raichik, foundress of the wildly popular Libs of TikTok Twitter feed. 

Raichik uploads video of drag performers exposing themselves to children. She also exposes public school teachers who brag about grooming children to become trannies or homosexuals. She pulled the sheets back on public schools that peddle homosexual pornography under the guise of “LGBTQ literature.”

The report complained that Raichik incited a threat against pro-pedo California State Senator Scott Wiener, who wants drag queens in schools and supports grooming. Raichik also “promoted the ‘grooming’ narrative by labelling Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack, the first openly LGBTQ+ member of the Rhode Island Senate, a ‘groomer’ after she championed LGBTQ+ inclusive sex education. It was viewed an estimated 695,000 times.”

The report also attacked Human Events editor Jack Posobiec and U.S. Reps. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

“Celebrities” Who Aren’t

The list of so-called celebrities who signed the letter includes only a few anyone would know, such as Patrick Stewart and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The rest are nobodies.

That doesn’t matter. They had enough wattage to be included in the GLAAD missive. The question is whether the four Big Tech giants will stand up to the pro-tranny totalitarians, or surrender and blacklist those who oppose them.