New Poll: Growing Majority of Americans Reject Gender Fluidity
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It appears that when it comes to LGBT ideology, the debate isn’t as settled as the Left would like us to believe.

According to a newly published poll, a rising number of Americans are rejecting the concept of gender fluidity, with an increased number of respondents to the survey saying they believe a person’s gender should be the same as their sex as listed on their birth certificate.

The poll was run by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist. The results, as released on Wednesday, found that 61 percent of Americans hold the view that “defining gender as the sex listed on a person’s original birth certificate is the only way to define male and female in society.” This number is up 10 percent from May 2022.

Last year, 42 percent of those who took the survey said they believe the “definition of gender is antiquated and needs to be updated to include identity.” That number fell to just 36 percent in the latest poll.

The survey also looked at Americans’ views on related topics such as sex transition procedures:

A plurality of Americans (45%) say only adults who are 18 years of age or older should be able to receive gender transition-related healthcare. 31% think Americans 18 or older and minors with parental consent should be permitted to receive gender transition-related healthcare. 23% say no one should be allowed access to gender transition-related healthcare, regardless of age.

While a majority of Republicans (52%) would limit access to gender transition-related healthcare to adults over 18, nearly four in ten (37%) would ban it completely. A majority of Democrats (51%) support gender transition-related healthcare for adults over the age of 18 and minors who have the consent of a parent or guardian. An additional 34% of Democrats support this healthcare for adults over the age of 18 only.

The apparent change in the public’s opinion on transgenderism roughly corresponds to the turning of the tide in the realm of public policy. Many states have passed legislation banning men from women’s sports and keeping transgender ideology out of schools.

The backlash against the LGBT agenda has gained a foothold even among the nation’s youth. In one example, “a Massachusetts middle school’s LGBT “Pride” event on June 2 turned contentious when, instead of dutifully wearing the rainbow colors that left-wing agitators have usurped as a symbol for LGBT “pride,” many students chose instead to wear red, white, and blue — in support of America.”

It’s not surprising that LGBT fatigue is beginning to set in. By now, Americans feel like they’re constantly being bombarded with degeneracy. What began as a movement of adults merely asking for “tolerance” and the freedom to live their private lives as they saw fit quickly spiraled into a tyrannical rampage of “accept this or we will destroy you.”

People are now constantly bombarded with LGBT propaganda on every communications medium they switch on. They’re forced to praise and go along with it in school, at work, and in other public settings. They’re threatened to be publicly ostracized and lose their jobs or business if they criticize it. 

And, worst of all, people are seeing the establishment force this degeneracy on children. Within just a few years, it has all come to a boiling point and Americans are saying “enough is enough.”

The new trend against LGBT normalizations throws a wrench in the Left’s plans. In the Left’s playbook, everything from collectivism to sexual deviancy to abortion and multiculturalism is considered “progress,” while Christianity, biblical morality, the nuclear family, and constitutional republicanism are the backwards beliefs of yesteryear that must be progressed from.

Under this narrative, the end goal of the secular, collective, Marxist utopia on earth is inevitable. The progress of history from the “evils” of patriarchy and Christendom to the liberating, enlightened future of the socialists is one clear line of improvement that cannot be turned back, for seemingly divine forces of nature (even though the Left ostensibly rejects God) are guiding history along to one determined destiny.

By making it seem that LGBT and other social evils are “inevitable” and unstoppable, the Left neutralizes opposition to their agenda. Why would people bother fighting back, or even fight back at all, if they’re convinced this is the way the world is supposed to be and there’s no going back to the “repressive” traditionalist ideologies of the past?

Now, however, it is becoming clear that the Left’s claim of “there is no going back” is totally false. Nothing is set in stone. The culture can swing — and is swinging — back, like a pendulum, to its rightful place of biblical morality, as society witnesses the rampant decay that takes place when a nation gives in to the false promises of LGBT ideology.

Individuals have not become happier, nor has our nation become stronger, nor have we become more free. Returning to a Christian spiritual and moral foundation is the answer — and it seems the public at large is ready for such a return.