Report: Cocaine Found in White House Library, Raising Concerns About Hunter’s Time There
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“Decency,” Jill Biden told us on October 27, 2020, “is on the ballot.” Clan Biden, we were to believe, would bring modesty, decorum, and grand manners back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What “Dr.” Jill didn’t say: The First Family would bring cocaine, too, mostly likely courtesy of drug-addicted first son Hunter, he of the famous laptop.

And that isn’t the only scandal to surface in just five days of July. Photos have emerged that depict the wild child smoking crack while driving in Arlington, Virginia, and driving a sports car almost 200 mph on a trip to Las Vegas.

When the leftist mainstream media will force Hunter’s parents to answer for the coke stash we don’t need to ask. But beyond that and more importantly, the drug addict’s recently inked plea deal on tax charges suggest he and the Biden Mafia will never be brought to book for their crimes.

“Bag It Up”

The latest trouble for the crack-smoking Biden Boy began when someone found an “unknown item” in the White House library on July 2, as the New York Post reported. That “unknown item” required an evacuation — and a hazardous materials team from Washington, D.C.’s Fire and EMS Department. 

But it wasn’t Johnson & Johnson baby powder. It wasn’t Arm & Hammer baking soda. It wasn’t Gold Medal all-purpose flour.

It was the stuff Cole Porter wrote about, otherwise known as blow. Or toot. Or nose candy. 

D.C. firefighters tested it at the scene and it “initially tested positive for cocaine,” the firefighter said:

“We have a yellow bar stating cocaine hydrochloride,” a DC firefighter stated in a radio communication at 8:49 p.m. on Sunday.

“Bag it up and take it out,” the firefighter told the Hazmat team.

The white powdery substance was found in the residence’s library, according to the dispatch call.

The Secret Service told The Post the agency “does not comment on an active investigation” and declined to comment further.

Amusingly, the Post added that “authorities,” which one hopes includes Joe and Jill, “are now trying to determine how the substance got into the White House after a Secret Service agent found the powder during a routine sweep of the premises.”

Of course, the key suspect is Hunter, a crack addict who’s forgotten more about cocaine than Pablo Escobar ever knew. Which isn’t to say that Hunter is guilty. 

But Hunter must be the key suspect, given his past. As the Post reported, “rumors circulated in April that the first son may have been crashing at the White House for a time to avoid being served with court papers by the mother of his love child.”

The mother was a stripper, a tribute to the addled lad’s taste in women.

Smoking Crack at the Wheel

But at least the cocaine in the library wouldn’t kill anyone.

Not so with Hunter, who could have killed someone twice — once while stoned like a hippie at Woodstock, and a second time when he was driving like Richard Petty on a mad last-lap dash to the finish line at the Daytona 500.

In the first instance, he filmed himself smoking crack while driving in a residential neighborhood in Arlington in 2018, the Post reported about photos uploaded to

Biden was driving on the county’s “Old Dominion Drive, near the Washington Golf and Country Club, showing off a crack pipe in hand” on his way to Dulles Airport.

Worse still, “less than two months later, he was seen racing to Las Vegas on August 1, when he took a snap of the car’s dashboard, revealing that he was going at least 172 mph,” the Post continued, citing a report in the Daily Mail:

The pictures were found on Biden’s infamous laptop, which also contained messages to multiple women waiting for him to arrive in Sin City for a hot tub party…..

“I don’t have a bathing suit and I really really wanted to wear a cute bathing suit,” one woman named “Cheryl” wrote to President Biden’s troubled son. “But I don’t have any money to buy one so then I’m just going to have to be naked right?”

The Vegas party, however, appeared to be more than some of the women expected, with another writing: “Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there.” 

She added: “I understand you like a lot of girls. That’s fine do one at a time.”

The Vegas trip appears to have taken place during the weeks-long bender Hunter Biden admitted to going on during a January 2019 conversation with a hooker, which was caught on video when he forgot to turn off his laptop camera after having sex with her.

Plea Deal For Daddy’s Boy

No one will be surprised if nothing further is said about the White House coke stash. Just as no one was surprised that Boy Biden recently skated away from prison time and a felony gun possession charge by pleading guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges.

The deal also permitted Biden to escape serious possible bribery and money-laundering charges. He also may have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act in connection with his many global business ventures in which he involved his father.

“Let’s be clear,” said Representative James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee. “The Department of Justice’s charges against President Biden’s son Hunter reveal a two-tiered system of justice”:

Hunter Biden is getting away with a slap on the wrist when growing evidence uncovered by the House Oversight Committee reveals the Bidens engaged in a pattern of corruption, influence peddling, and possibly bribery. These charges against Hunter Biden and sweetheart plea deal have no impact on the Oversight Committee’s investigation. We will not rest until the full extent of President Biden’s involvement in the family’s schemes are revealed.”